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Lexico Lexicon

This lexicon is an on-going project of KLT6. Every few days it is expanded with more terms elucidated here.

Shell Games

KLT6 is a shell game or a meta-shell game in the form of a triennial, in that it looks at the game environment not for its normal use (players, goals, survival, risks) but so as to deploy it as epistemology.

KLT6 relies on the paradox of the macro within the micro to an abysmal infinite regress of the sign: the economic network within one of its nodes, the set in the subset. Macroeconomic determiners act within the micro-economics of nations and individuals.

The mosque is in the Triennial space in the Central Market Annexe, in the city of Kuala Lumpur (the space of art commodities), which is in the mosque which is in the Annexe...ad infinitum.


Bootstrapping is the fundamental performance underlying the appearances and spectacles of KLT6, derived from the image of a person picking herself up by her own bootstraps or bootlaces. The spectacle of KLT6 is its own invention.

In finance the term refers on the one hand to “a collection of methods used to minimize the amount of outside debt and equity financing needed from banks and investors” (Ebben, J., & Johnson, A., (2006).

Bootstrapping in small firms: An empirical analysis of change over time. Journal of Business Venturing, Vol. 21, issue 6: 851-865), and on the other to the development of a collaborative or open source information technology in which a fuzzy border distinguishes inside from outside (or maintains the ambiguity of the distinction).

6th KL Triennial: August 2009

The Kuala Lumpur Triennial Six: Artifice090603009794 is now open until 6 October 8pm, at the following slurl link, or you can  find it manually by coordinates: Lighthouse Group 210,  237, 22


KLTsix, opening 4 August 2009 in a second life construct, is a shell game that seeks to extend biennial culture into epidemiologies of scale, architecture, presence and the GEC, Artifice09060300989592 presumes an aesthetics founded on the collusions of market forces, securitization, the artificial person, scaling, (de)leveraging, exchange and clearing, speed and the screen.

KLT6 is based on primitives (prims) that (dys)function as a primary spatial linguistics, from which are derived the particular architectonics of virtual spatial structures.


Kuala Lumpur Triennial Six 2009 Contest

Every three years the organisers of the KL Triennial pose a problem to the public to solve with a prize for what they judge to be the best answer

This year the question is: Answer this question in 3000 characters (that's 3000 characters, not words) or less and you are eligible to win control of an undeveloped parcel of land in Second Life (SL).


Kuala Lumpur Triennial Six 2009 Contest

  1. The best answer to the question will be selected by the Kurators.
  2. Selected answers will be posted at the KLT6 SL construct.
  3. The parcel of land will be transfered to the Winner at the end of KLT6 (October) 2009.
  4. Transfer of the land necessitates that that Winner have access to a SL account.
  5. All other costs (lease of property, development, etc) are the responsibility of the winner.
  6. The Winner may choose to migrate any profit out of SL made with the land.